24/7 Vision

God is doing a move across the Earth of raising up a continual song of prayer, praise, and intercession.  He is putting it upon the hearts of His people across the world to  offer up a seven day a week, night and day cry from His bride the church, to partner with Him to see the church matured in unity of faith and the harvest fully be brought in.

In Europe, under leadership of those such as the 24-7 prayer movement, figure-headed by Pete Grieg, and in the United States with forerunners such as the House of Prayer in Kansas City run by Mike Bickle, the church is awakening the to call of the golden altar within the tabernacle, the call to intercession.  Already, in Kansas City, since 1999, the House of Prayer there has lifted up Jesus continually, night and day, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, in continual ministry to the Lord and intercession for the body of Christ across the Earth.  With a free, live, continual web stream, congregations from all over the Earth can view and participate in the incense being offered to the King.

Surely, this is a thing that God is doing, as all over the Earth, houses of prayer have opened up, and continue to.  Hearts are engaged, minds are renewed, and the way is being made for the coming of the Lord.  As Isaiah 40 says, “Raise up a highway for the Lord.  Let every valley be raised up, and every hill be made low.”

This then, is the day of salvation, and now is the acceptable time.  The vision for a 24/7 worship movement across the Earth is spreading, and it is high time to seek the Lord.

 The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.

Leviticus 6:13