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Below is a listing of Houses of Prayer in International. If you know of any Houses of Prayer that need to be added, please contact us by e-mail or through the Contact Us page. We are always looking for more Houses of Prayer to list.

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Request for Family Restoration Prayer, For my mother, Finding her lost
family was delivered for adoption at birth.

Request for prayer Family Restoration, Find lost sister, delivered for
adoption at birth.

Request for prayer Family Restoration, Elenita TARRAGA. Reencontrarse
with its biological mother, was given in adoption at birth, emotional
healing about his life .?

ORDER OF PRAYER. Emotional and family restoration on the life of Dora
Gomez, Jimena A. Tarraga, Osvaldo S. Flores, Gladis B. Tarraga, Elio
Cano, Maria de los A. Fernandez, Noemi Fernandez, Mar?a C. G?mez ,
Patricia E. Rioja, Patricia Fernandez, Rosa Diaz, Veronica Gil, Noelia
Gil, Bernardo Torres, Maria I Velazquez, Liliana Ramirez, Zulema
Ramirez, Julian Ramirez, Monica Bazan, Daniela Velazquez, Miguel A.
Benitez, Alanis Vidal, Isabel Velazquez , Graciela Parodi, Hugo F.
Elias, Iliana M. Zanelli, Fernanda Fano Moreti Zanelli, Cecilia Tocto,
Francisca Z. Bautista and their children, Elenita Tarraga, Sonia
Lea?o, Federico Araos, Sandra Bravo, Alberto Lopez; Ra?l Pereyra,
Monica Guaymas, Graciela E. Parodi, Jesus N. Guaymas, Carlos Tolaba,
Andrea Meliza Fano Moreti, Lumena B. Guaymas, Susana Cruz, Delia
Guittian, Monica Guittian, Miguel A. Herrera, Maximiliano Cordoba,
Florencia Cordoba, Karina Gutierrez, Mario Guaymas, Mabel Maman?

Family Prayer-Restoration Request: Jimena A.Tarraga., Recovery of her
adopted daughter at birth when she was a minor: Restoration of the
female reproductive tract that was damaged as a mother at a young age.

For the marriage that is raising her daughter, today it is difficult
for them to have to give the child to her mother since it is the only
thing they have, since they could not have children of their own; It
is noted that this marriage took the girl in good faith. For this
marriage a special prayer. "May the Lord be restoring the male and
female reproductive apparatus of this marriage; So that they can have
their own children and give Jimena his daughter .--

Prayers Requests Son of the Heart-Friendship Studies-Jes?s N. Fister,
Opening job opportunities, paying for study expenses abroad. Removing
your life from people who are not of blessing to your life

Prayer Request Julian Ramirez-Encounter with his father who did not know

Prayer Request - Miguel Zurita, Emotional Health - meet your grandson.

Request for Prayer: Matrimonial Retauration Matrimonial Miguel
Benitez, Sonia Lea?o, H?go Fano Elias, Iliana M.Zanelli, Mario Guaymas
Karina Gutierrez, Emotional Restoration, Marriage Restoration, Away
from Their Lives of Inappropriate and Bad People Who Are Not Blessing
for Their Lives


Prayer Request Salvation- Conversion Jimena A. Tarraga, Osvaldo S.
Flores, Gladis B. Tarraga, Elio Cano, Maria de los A.
Fernandez, Noemi Fernandez, Maria C. Gomez, Patricia E. Rioja,
Patricia Fernandez, Rosa Diaz, Veronica Gil, Noelia Gil, Maria I
Velazquez, Liliana Ramirez, Zulema Ramirez, Julian Ramirez, Monica
Bazan, Daniela Velazquez, Miguel A. Benitez, Alanis Vidal, Isabel
Velazquez, Cecilia Tocto, Elenita Tarraga, Sonia Lea?o,, Federico
Araos, Sandra Bravo, Alberto Lopez; Raul Pereyra, Lumena B. Guaymas,
Carlos Tolaba, Andrea Meliza Fano, Susana Cruz, Ana Luz Zeitoune,
Exequiel Robles, Maria Jos? Q. Avila, Lucas Resuche, Ramiro Resuche,
Wilfredo Herrera, Monica Guittian., Maximiliano Cordoba, Florencia
Cordoba , Miguel A. Benitez, Jose Cholquevilca, Ren? S?nchez, Jose
Reyes, Sonia Lea?o, Hilda Sanchez, Adela Sanchez, Walter Rivera,
Alberto Lopez, Daniel Cenardo.Alanis Vidal, Andrea Vidal, Jorge
Guantay. Rufino Tapia, Daniel Cenardo, Mario Guaymas, Karina
Gutierrez, Humberto Maidana, Juan C. Ya?ez, Florentin Cayo--Hijos de
Carmen Mendina-Carmen Rosa-Guillermo Leonel-Nahir Celeste-


Requests for prayer Liberation-Inequity, Rupture of generational
curses on the life of: Dora Gomez., Graciela E: Parodi: Monica
E.Guaymas. , Gladis B. T?rgaga, Maria Cristina Gomez, Osvaldo Flores,
, Elena Rios, Rupture of pacts made with the enemy in his youth by
ignorance of the word of GOD.-Removal of their lives from people
inopportune and bad who do not Are of blessing for their lives., -

Request for Prayer Release: Inequity: Breaking generational curses
about my life, my family life, the lives of friends and enemies.

Order of Prayer Liberation Rupture of works of sorcery and witchcraft
made against my life, Works done on the apachetas (consecrated altars
in the mountains) of the Andes, the Bolivian Altiplano, the Valleys
Calchaquies, Cornice Road to Jujuy and Quebrada de San Lorenzo.

Prayer requests Liberation, Inequity, Rupture of generational curses
on the life of--Dora Gomez, Jimena A.Tarraga, Osvaldo S. Flores,
Gladis B. Tarraga, Elio Cano, , Maria de los A. Fernandez, Noemi
Fernandez, Maria C. Gomez, Patricia E. Rioja, Patricia Fernandez, Rosa
Diaz, Veronica Gil, Noelia Gil, Bernardo Torres, Maria I Velazquez,
Liliana Ramirez, Zulema Ramirez, Julian Ramirez, Monica Bazan, Daniela
Velazquez, Miguel A. Benitez, Alanis Vidal, Isabel Velazquez, Graciela
Parodi, Hugo F. Elias, Iliana M. Zanelli, Fernanda Moreti Zanelli,
-Cecilia Tocto, Francisca Z. Bautista and their children, Elenita
Tarraga, Sonia Lea?o, Federico Araos, Sandra Bravo, Alberto Lopez;
Raul Pereyra, Monica Guaymas, Jesus N. Guaymas, Graciela Parodi,
Lumena B. Guaymas, Carlos Tolaba, Andrea Meliza Fano, Franco Herrera,
Ramiro Herrera, Fernando Herrera, Mauro Herrera, Susana Cruz, Ana Luz
Zeitoune, Exequiel Robles, Maria Jos? Q .Avila, Lucas Resuche, Ramiro
Resuche, Wilfredo Herrera, Delia Guittian, Monica Guittian, Miguel A.
Herrera, Maximiliano Cordoba, Florencia Cordoba, Miguel A. Benitez,
Jose Cholquevilca, Ren? S?nchez, Sonia Lea?o, Hilda Sanchez, Adela
Sanchez, Walter Rivera , Andrea Vidal, Jorge Guantay, Alanis Vidal,
Mario Guaymas, Karina Gutierrez, Daniel Reyes, Jose Reyes, Tapia
Rufino, Humberto Maidana, Juan C, Ya?ez, Mabel Maman?, marriage that
is raising the daughter of Jimerna Analia. Florentin Cayo, Matrimonio
que esta criando a la hija de Jimena Analia-ELIZABETH FLORES

Rupture of pacts made in youth by ignorance of the word of GOD
On the life of Gladis Tarraga, Maria C. Gomez, Monica Guaymas, Elena
Rios, Dora Gomez.-


Prayer Request- For my finances, opening of economic and financial
resources, new job and business opportunities, debt cancellation

Request for Prayer FInanzas- Graciela E.Parodi. Sale of business for a
fair price.-

Request for Prayer-Finance, by my friend Monica Guaymas, opening new
jobs and business opportunities, canceling debts, and paying for study
expenses outside of her son NICOLAS. - -

Request for Prayer Patricia E.Rioja, Opening of new business and work
opportunities for cancellation of debts and commitments.

Request of Prayer finances Francisca Zalazar Bautista Opening of new
opportunities of work and business, debt cancellation.,

Request for Prayer Finance.- Collection of salary differences due

Prayer Request Finance, Opening new job and business opportunities.
Mauro Herrera, Ramiro Herrera, Mauricio Herrera, Fernando Herrera,
Miguel Herrera, Delia Guittian.

Prayer request Graciela E. Parodi, job openings, business
opportunities, cancellation of debts commitments pledged.

MONICA GUAYMAS-sale of property-commission charges


ELIZABETH FLORES-proceedings and judicial records-resolution trial -
demand- -broche of money

Request for Judicial Prayer ,. Resolution of labor and civil lawsuits
related to property fraud.

Request for Judicial Prayer - An? Carolina, resolution of pending
legal proceedings and files concerning labor claims, collection of
fees, resolution of proceedings and judicial records, execution of

Request for Judgment Graciela E. Parodi divorce proceedings division
of property,

Request for Judicial Prayer Patricia E.Rioja.Court files closed.

Prayer Request., Clarification of unlawful work place.,

Order of Judicial Prayer Amador Evaristo Procedures and judicial
records, referring to the purchase of a Vehicle, Ministry Tu Esperanza
es Jes?s

Carmen Medina-Property Recovery-Family Estate


Order of Prayer-Ministry.Amador Evaristo ANGELES Burgos.-The Lord is
sending workers for the work, Opening of economic and financial
resources for the construction of TEMPLO Ministry, Your Hope is
Jesus., German Guanuco, Opening of economic and financial resources ,
Purchase of a property for the construction of own building Ministry
Christ The Only Solution.


Request for prayer health: Jimena A.Tarraga. Oseous problems, lumbar
spine, restoration of the female reproductive tract, psychical and
spiritual emotional healing.

Patricia E: Rioja and her friend Eugenia. Bone problems, spine,
glandular and hormonal problems, restoration of the female
reproductive system. Restoration of the biological clock. Emotional

Monica E: Guaymas, disordered blood flow after cancer., Restoration of
the female reproductive system,

Maria C. Gomez problems of osteoarthritis in her knees, diabetes problems ..

Maria de los A: Fernandez problems of obesity and diabetes, emotional problems.,

Pascual A.Lopez diabetes problems, obesity bone problems in the knees.

Ignacio Lopez neurological problems bone problems in knees and spine

Graciela E.Parodi. Emotional health

Claudio S.Gomez. Vision and hearing problems.

Matias Lopez neurological problems, mature development.

Bernardo Torres. Problems in the knees arthritis osteo., -

Cecilia Tocto Emotional Health, Cancer

Federico Araos cancer., Emotional Health

Francisca Zalazar Bautista Emotional Health, Bone Problems Leg and hip.

ELENITA Tarraga Emotional health.

Miguel a. Benitez Emotional health-BI-POLAR disorder, behavior disorders.,

Sonia Lea?o Emotional health BI-POLAR disorder, behavior disorders.,

Sandra Bravo emotional health, BI-POLAR Disorder, behavioral disorders.,

Iliana Moreti Zanelli Emotional health,

Andrea M. Fano Emotional health- Lesbianism,

Franco Herrera Emotional and spiritual health.

Susana Cruz Cancer - Emotional and spiritual health., ---

Miguel Herrera Emotional health.

Delia Guitian Emotional health,

Fernando Herrera Emotional health.

Ramiro Herrera Emotional health.

Mauro Herrera Emotional health.

Franco Herrera Emotional health.

Graciela E. Parodi Circulatory problems, rheumatism, arthritis,
osteoarthritis, physical exhaustion, extreme, muscular pains,
emotional healing

Ana L. Zeitoune Emotional Health Lesbianism.,

Exequiel Robles Problems with drugs.,

Maria Jose Q. Avila Emotional health, attempted suicide.,

Wilfredo Herrera Neurological problems, problems of mature development.,

Miguel A. Herrera Emotional Health., -

Delia Guittian Emotional Health.,

Monica Guittian Emotional Health.,

Julian Ramirez Emotional Health.

Miguel Zurita Emotional Health.

Maximiliano Cordoba Emotional Health.,

Florence Cordoba Emotional Health.

Mateo Pereira Neurological Problems, Dyslexia.

Miguel A. Benitez. Emotional Health.

Sonia Lea?o Emotional Health., -

Jose Cholquevilca Emotional Health.

Iliana M. Zanelli Emotional Health.,

M?nica Guaymas Emotional Health.

Maria C. G?mez Emotional Health.,

Maria del A. Fernandez Emotional Health.

Jesus Nicolas G. Fister Emotional Health.

Lumena B. Guyamas Emotional Health.,

Alberto Lop?z emotional healing

Guantay Jorge Emotional restoration, addictions

Andrea Alanis Restoration of the neurological system, problems of
mature development, bone problems.

Mateo Lopez Neurological problems, dyslexia.

Karina Gutierrez Emotional health

Mario Guaymas Emotional health

Hugo Fano Emotional health

Mabel Maman?; Emotional health, bone and joint problems

Florentin GOMEZ Addictions

Sandra Bravo cancer

ELIZABETH FLORES- urinary infection---Female Reproductive System Problems

Marriage that is raising the daughter of Jimena Analia. Male and
Female Reproductive System Restoration
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Australian House of Prayer For All Nations
Australian House of Prayer For All Nations - Adelaide, Australia

Category: Prayer House
Director: Jenny Hagger
Phone: +61883701256

54 Strathalbyn Road
Adelaide, Australia

The Australian House of Prayer for All Nations Adelaide, was founded in 1990 in Adelaide by Ps Jenny Hagger as a worship, prayer, research and networking centre that trains and equips intercessors throughout Australia to go out on strategic prayer assignments locally, nationally and internationally. Teams are also regularly involved in key reconciliation initiatives.
Revival SA city-wide prayer meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month in Adelaide and are attended by over 150 intercessors from many different congregations and all are welcome.
The Lighthouse Prayer Tower premises were purchased in the CBD of Adelaide in 2008, where teams now pray daily into the Seven Mountains of Society.
in 2011 AHOPFAN purchased a motel on Kangaroo island in SA, to be their third house of prayer, as well as being a Christian Conference and Retreat Centre.
Mission World Aid operates as the international mercy ministry of AHOPFAN and since 1992 has sent 133 shipping containers of aid to over 25 nations.

Ps Jenny Hagger has a heart for unity in the Body of Christ and carries a prophetic/apostolic breakthrough anointing. Jenny is passionate to encourage others to come into the freedom of Davidic worship and intimacy with the Lord. Her desire is to see the establishment of houses of prayer throughout Australia and into the nations of the world.
Jenny was instrumental in the setting up of a ten year exhibition in the State Library displaying South Australias Christian Heritage.
Weekly prayer meetings began inside Parliament House in South Australia in 2003 under her leadership and she is the SA Regional Coordinator for the Parliamentary Prayer Network.
Recently Jenny was asked to be the Regional Coordinator for the South Pacific for Transform Worlds Celebration Challenge which includes networking with houses of prayer in each region.
Jenny is co-pastor with her husband Brian of Zion Hill Christian Community, which they began in 2006.
In 2008 she was made a Member of the Order of Australia for her involvement in the prayer movement in Australia, and for the work of Mission World Aid.
Jenny and Brian have three sons and five grandchildren.
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IHOPME - Melbourne, Australia

Category: Prayer Network
Melbourne, Australia

International House of Prayer Melbourne Australia

The Lord has promised to restore the Tabernacle of David.
If you have it on your heart that Melbourne should have a 24h worship ministry, I invite you to join us every week for a day of fasting and prayer.
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Lifemessenger - Mt Eliza, Australia

Category: Prayer House
Director: David Orton
Mt Eliza, Australia

A House of Prayer for all Nations

A place devoted to the Lord in ministry to Him and in praying for revival across Australia and the nations of the world.
A place which will sow into the growing worldwide prayer movement.
A place of teaching and renewal.
A place where volunteer intercessors, worshippers, and musicians offer a perpetual sacrifice to the Lord, eventually on a 24/7 basis.
A Place of Intense Desire for God

A place for those with a heart and intense desire for God.
A place that will provide life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit as well as solid revelatory truths from the Word of God.
A place where the Holy Spirit will be given full liberty to move as He desires, whether in classes, tutorials, or elsewhere.
A place where participants will be encouraged to welcome the Holy Spirit and to allow Him to have His way in their lives.
A place where the study of the scriptures, and extended times of prayer and worship will advance a growing relationship with God.
A Place of Prophetic Activation

A place devoted to the message of the Third Day Church (Hos 6:1-3):
A message of repentance, restoration, and revival.
A message of hope, calling the people of God to return to intimacy, to the heart of the Father and of the Bridegroom.
A message speaking to the strongholds that currently withhold revival and spiritual awakening.
A place giving itself to a prophetic word for the spiritual release of the Australian church and beyond.
A place where through its teaching, intercessory prayer, and worship will create an environment where individuals can be released into the prophetic anointing.
A place which will be devoted to prophetically activating students as men and women of the Spirit, releasing them into their own unique gifts and callings.
A Place of Refreshing and Refocussing

A place where, through its various schools and retreats, and through its relaxed ambience would become a place of refuge and healing for those who are weary or wounded from their church or marketplace involvement.
A place of refreshing, refocussing, and as the Holy Spirit leads, recommissioning
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Lions Roar HoP
Lions Roar HoP - Brisbane, Australia

Category: Prayer House
Director: Glen Vines
Phone: +61 403 062 915

12 Jade Close Runcorn,
Brisbane, Australia 4113

*Our House of Prayer was started March 2013 with the vision to be both a House of Prayer and a HQ for the Strategic Warfare Intercessory Network that I have been overseeing since 2007. We therefore are not only building our House of Prayer but investing into 5 hubs in different areas of South East Queensland with people from many different churches and denominations gathering for worship, prayer and training.

*Our House of Prayer is located in the Runcorn/Sunnybank area of Brisbane in Queensland.

*Lions Roar HOP is bi-lingual with both English and Korean language. We therefore do have a number of Koreans with us.

*We have an internship programme called "Young Lions", where interns have the option to join us for short term or longer term internships. The internships are flexible and work around the individual intern?s visa, work or study schedules. Some Interns are in Australia on tourist visas, others as English students, others are on working holiday visas and still others are Australian residents. Interns do not just do training in the House of Prayer but also regularly travel with me to our other ministry Hubs and prayer events to help with leading worship, prayer and receiving extra training.

*We have other members of Lions Roar HOP who are not interns but join us on Wednesday nights, Saturday training Events and Sunday morning service and therefore receive training in a more general sense.

*In our training we cover subjects like. 1. The Tabernacle and Kingdom of David. 2. Spiritual Warfare. 3. The End Time Prophetic Prayer Movement. 4. The Spirit and Power of Elijah and End Time Nazarite Movement. 5. Spiritual Warfare. 6. Prayer and Intercession. 7. Worship. 8. Hearing God?s Voice and the Prophetic Ministry. 9. Inner Healing and Deliverance.

* In our House of Prayer we have a once per month Prophetic Worship and Prayer Event called ?The Blazing Altar? as well as a once per month training seminar called ?The Lion?s Roar Training School?. These 2 events are open to anyone and often we are joined by members of other churches.

For more information please check out our facebook page simply search Lion?s Roar House of Prayer, Brisbane or email, lionsroarhop@yahoo.com.au
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MyHOPOz - Charmhaven, Australia
Category: Prayer House
Director: Nikki Nahra
Charmhaven, Australia

I just arrived on Aussie soil Oct 31, 2014, to birth this new house of prayer on the Central Coast! I plan to serve and be knit into family at HopeUC in Charmhaven, where Mark and Darlene Zschech pastor. Beyond that, Im just pioneering it now, so connections are welcome! I will hope to have my aussie cell soon. In the meantime, email me with "MYHOP" in the subject li
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Sydney House of Prayer
Sydney House of Prayer - Sydney, Australia

Category: Prayer House
Director: Steve Hwang

Sydney, Australia 2121

We are a House of Prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David (1 Chronicles 16; Amos 9:11; Acts 15:16). We have purposed ourselves as a community to seek out what it means to live with the first commandment in first place
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IHOP Vienna - Gebetshaus f?r die Nationen
IHOP Vienna - Gebetshaus f?r die Nationen - Vienna, Austria

Category: Other
Director: Franz Hochschuh
Phone: +43 1 2728786

Anton-Bosch-Gasse 9
Vienna, Austria 1210

Living community
Christian Life Coaching
Evangelisation Center
Prayer House for the Nation
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Mercy House of Prayer
Mercy House of Prayer - Wien, Austria

Category: Prayer House
Director: Vicki Harris, Brenda Cantrell

Boltzmanngasse 9
Wien, Austria

The entrance is a large brown door across from the U.S. Embassy at Boltzmanngasse 9

And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking, and longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]!
(Isaiah 30:18 AMP
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Brussels House of Prayer
Brussels House of Prayer - Waterloo, Belgium

Category: Prayer House
Director: Gary Benjamin
Phone: +32 491 22 61 49

Avenue des Gemeaux 4
Waterloo, Belgium

What is the Prayer Room?

The Commission Prayer Room is really a community of people who are committed to night and day worshiped-based prayer and then reaching people at their point of need in Brussels and Europe. It is a missions base that is gathered around a prayer room.

We believe that the government of God is released on earth through prayer. That when night and day prayer is established in a city, the spiritual atmosphere begins to change. Hearts and minds open to the gospel. Spiritual oppression is broken and the spirit of revival is released. The Prayer Room is about establishing night and day prayer in Brussels, Belgium the capital of the EU through a praying community of believers.

Why Brussels?

Brussels is one of the most influential cities in the world and is affectionately known as the ?heart of Europe?. Brussels has been a main center for international politics. Hosting principal EU institutions as well as the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and home of numerous international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. Brussels is where Europe is led. It is in this context, joining with many other significant prayer ministries targeting Brussels, that Commission Prayer Room has begun. The Commission Prayer Room is just a few buildings down from the European Commission Building located in the heart of the European distric
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Casa Internacional De Oracion
Casa Internacional De Oracion - Cochabamba, Bolivia

Category: Prayer House
Phone: cio247@gmail.com

Adela Zamudio
Cochabamba, Bolivia 4411372


"Entonces me invocaréis, y vendréis y oraréis a mí, y yo os oiré;
y me buscaréis y me hallaréis, porque me buscaréis de todo vuestro corazón." Jeremias 29:12-13

Es llevar a la iglesia a la oracion y adoracion continua en una busqueda constante de su presencia y estando en intimidad con El. Isaias 56:7 porque mi casa sera llamada Casa de Oracion para todos los pueblo
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Bound4life Brasilia
Bound4life Brasilia - Brasilia, Brasil

Category: Bound4Life
Director: Fernando Ribeiro
Phone: 61982912723
Brasilia, Brasil
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Base mission?ria casa de ora??o Ananindeua-Pa - Ananindeua, Brazil
Category: Prayer House Director: Ana Grayce Alencar Moreira e Carlos Alberto Moreir
Phone: 91 999822921

Estrada da Provid?ncia Cidade Nova 8 we 26
Ananindeua, Brazil 67000000
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Base Missionaria Casa de Oracio DF
Base Missionaria Casa de Oracio DF - Brasilia, Brazil

Category: Prayer House
Director: Marcelo Ferreira de Sousa
Phone: 61991125078

SHPS 207 cj. B lote 01
Brasilia, Brazil 72238164

A Casa de Oracio IHOP-DF tem como visio promover adoracio e intercessio noite e dia, como no exemplo Biblico da Tenda de Davi, a Deus, ao Filho e ao Espirito Santo, com vistas de preparar o caminho para a vinda do Senhor. Treinar, capacitar e enviar Missionirios Adoradores Intercessores para inflamar o mundo com o evangelho verdadeiro e transformador, que trabalhem para ver reavivamento dentro da Igreja e uma colheita entre todos aqueles que precisam de Deus. Temos como missio treinar os discipulos de Jesus a ama-lo de coracio e amar vidas, e assim, sair mundo a fora a pregar a palavra, curar os doentes e servir aos necessitados ato o retorno de Jesus. Hoje fazemos trabalhos sociais em Ceilindia DF, lideramos a Sala de Oracio em Brasilia na Capelania Evangelica da PMDF que funciona de segunda a sexta. E estamos implantando a Escola Roar para missionarios em sistema internato para treinamento e liberacio de Adoradores, Intercessores e Mensageiros Profeticos com duracio de 4 meses.
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BHOP - Bauru Casa de Ora??o - Bauru, Brazil
Category: Prayer House

R Dr Alfheu Sampaio
Bauru, Brazil
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IHOP Brazil
IHOP Brazil - Caratinga, Brazil

Category: Prayer House
Phone: (55) 33-3321-9995

Olegrio Maciel 306
Caratinga, Brazil

IHOP-Caratinga - International House of Prayer in Caratinga, has as its vision to dwell in continuous worship and intercession of the House of Prayer built by God, now keeping the flame lit in prayer and worship as in the Biblical example of the Tent of David until the day of restoration of all things. According to the mind of Christ, train, equip and send missionaries to operate in intercessory worship precursor spirit that God has bestowed in recent days to raise prayer rooms 24 hours in Brazil and worldwide, equipping the Bride of Christ to be wise not lack oil in your lamp, giving all authority and freedom to the Holy Spirit to direct, advise and build his Church, but without denominational barriers with a vision of the Kingdom, according to the prayer of Jesus, Our Father which art in heaven, come to us Thy kingdom, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. "

The Holy Spirit has orchestrated an international move of intercession and worship. Harps and cups are being raised to God before the throne of the Father, and in view of the apostle John (Revelation 5:8).

Them joyful in My house of prayer ... My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples (Isaiah 56:7) We believe in a joyful prayer and worship a living that comes from Gods throne.

Christ is the High Priest of the true tabernacle which the Lord pitched, not man. (Hebrews 8:2). He is also the very tabernacle which the Lord rose from the ruins (resurrection - Acts 15:16) as the body of Christ on earth today serves as a living temple, the temple of the eternal God, of which we are living stones in this spiritual house (1 Peter 2:5) where we offer spiritual sacrifices directed to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Prayer and worship 24 hours 7 days a week, are at the heart of our calling as this comes straight from the heart of God for this time. Prayer and worship are also proven and approved as fuel revivals throughout history. We believe that there will be different in recent days.

We meet the target of prayer warriors and worshipers whether ministerial or flag names to call this nation to repentance first and then the search for intimacy with God which He separated for the last days. We pray for healing and restoration for Brazil and for the nations.

Houses of Prayer have multiplied around the world. God is releasing freedom in worship, and training missionaries to reach the nations. It is the plan of Fathers heart for this time in prayer together with social work (acts of justice), restoration of lives and bring transformation in society around. God commands the blessing on the drive when there is a people who pray and fast together (Psalm 133). Through faith, from prayer and communion with God, mountains are moved, waste places are restored and lives are transported from darkness to light.

God has brought missionaries from around the world to stand together an altar of worship in Brazil that can fill the cups of gold in heaven so that God continues to pour from the top justice in the form of healing, restoration, signs and wonders.

Pastors Peter and Anya Braconnot, are the directors of the IHOP-Caratinga.

"We believe that God will still raise a lot of prayer house in Brazil and worldwide. This is part of preparation for the return of the Lord in these last hours."
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IHOP-PE - Recife, Brazil

Category: Prayer House
Director: Joshue Gomes
Phone: +55 81 9882-6757

Rua Joao Ivo Da Silva, 377 - Madalena
Recife, Brazil 50720-100

O Senhor nos chamou para o estabelecimento de uma sala de ora??o na cidade de Recife/PE. Nosso alvo ? instituir a sala no centro da cidade, onde todas as pessoas, pedestres, universit?rios e comerciantes ter?o acesso ? intercess?o, ora??o coletiva, regados pela adora??o.
Temos tamb?m como consequ?ncia e express?o de adora??o os os atos de justi?a, que junto com a intercess?o, s?o declarados e agimos para mudar a realidade das cidades onde as salas s?o institu?das.
Vinhemos para servir a nossa na??o por um decreto do Eterno Pai. E esse sim ? o nosso prazer.
Nosso sonho ? que toda igreja tenha seus turnos e escalas de intercess?o e ora??es focadas na contempla??o da beleza de Jesus/Yeshua.
" E tamb?m eu os levarei ao meu santo monte e os alegrarei na minha Casa de Ora??o; os seus holocaustos e os seus sacrif?cios ser?o aceitos no meu altar, pois minha casa ser? chamada casa de ora??o para os povos Isa. 5
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Sala de Oracio Betinia - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Category: Prayer House Director: Icaro Santos / Daniele Bravo

Av Jose Manna Junior 400 - Trindade
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 24743-100
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HoP Cambodia
Category: Prayer House
, Cambodia

Primary Mission
The primary mission and first step is to establish the House of Prayer. We believe that through worship, God?s presence will invade and permeate every area of society, bringing justice for His elect (Luke 18:8). Endeavor to function in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David with weekly prayer meetings and live music, singing and intercessory prayer.

Children Who Contend For God
Worship music will be the medium through which God will govern the earth. Those who worship God in spirit and in truth will be able to sustain a life in God as the end-time judgments become manifest in the world. Singing God?s Word is a way to sustain a life in Him. God has willed that singing be what causes our hearts to be overwhelmed with God?s love and emotions and causes us to go deeper in the Word of God, thus fulfilling Proverbs 2. Minister to the children through song and teach them to sing as the primary means by which they commune with their Lord (Col 3:16-17 and Eph 5:17-20).

Prayer should not consist of a weekly meeting that lasts for an hour, during which we ask the Lord to bless what we?re doing. Prayer should be a continual and ever-present way of life to cry out for a breaking in of God?s divine presence and asking Him to transform the city, region and country where we live. Prayer and worship will never cease to rise before the throne of God as those who were once orphans but now have a new found heavenly Father become musicians and intercessors who minister to God and give Him the glory due His name. It will take that level of intercession and prayer to dispel the darkness that has permeated these dark regions for thousands of years
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PasionporJesus.chile - Copiapo, Chile

Category: Prayer House
Copiapo, Chile

Casa de Oración - Pasión por Jesús, con Base Misionera en la ciudad de Copiapó Chile, nace ante la gran necesidad de tener una profunda búsqueda por enamorarse de Dios, de vivir apasionado por Jesús, de abrazar una vida de oración, ayuno y compasión por las naciones. Casa de Oración, es una comunidad cristiana que proporciona a cada creyente un espacio para pasar tiempos con Dios, escuchar su voz, experimentar su amor y libertad, un lugar de encuentros con el Amado, de contemplar y meditar en la belleza de Jesús. Afirmamos que Él, es el deseado de las naciones, el incomparable, Incontenible y Majestuoso Dios, la Tierra anhela ver la manifestación de su Gloria, por lo cual, como iglesia estamos comprometidos con dar a conocer a las naciones, el inmenso amor de Dios, a través de obras de justicias. ?Porque no podemos callar lo que hemos visto y oído?. (Hechos 4:20). Como base Misionera entrenamos e impulsamos a cada discípulo de Cristo, por medio de las escrituras y mediante el poder del Espíritu Santo, en abrazar una vida de oración y evangelismo profético, ejecutando en el día a día, obras de justicias. (Apocalipsis 19:7-8). Hoy más que nunca se puede sentir los pasos de nuestro Amado Jesús, en en su regreso por su iglesia, su regreso es inminente, el recuentro con su amada Iglesia esta pronto a suceder. Y es así como Dios esta trayendo una fresca revelación de un Dios Padre y un Dios Novio, moviendo a su amada iglesia a un nivel de conocimiento más profundo de Dios.Dios esta levantando una generación fascinada por la belleza de Jesús, que ha entendido que su primera razón de vivir y su deleite es pasar tiempos con Dios, de vivir maravillado de Aquel que nos amó como nadie en este mundo.
Jesús la Hermosura y Fragancia eterna. El Único que hace grandes maravillas. (Salmos 136:4
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Costa Rica HOP
Costa Rica HOP - La Gloria, Puriscal, Costa Rica

Category: Other
Director: Brother Cliff
Phone: 8034035052

The WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica
La Gloria, Puriscal, Costa Rica

The Costa Rica HOP is being established as the heartbeat of The WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica: the 160 acre property of Out There Ministries International. Out There M.I. is a Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries affiliate, and is based out of Fort Mill, SC.

The WyldeLife Sanctuary is a prototype of a New Wineskin Leadership Matrix for the Americas and the Caribbean nations.
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Udruga Dom Molitve Association House of Prayer
Udruga Dom Molitve Association House of Prayer - Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Category: Prayer House
Director: Bartol Pesorda
Phone: +385 98 169 81 23

Promenade brace Radic 9
Slavonski Brod, Croatia
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Upper Room Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
Category: Prayer House
Director: Jerry and Zuzanna Low
Phone: 385914477977

Jelencica 10
Zagreb, Croatia 10000

I heart is to host the presence of God, which will bring transformation to Zagreb, Croatia and beyond. Call for schedule, or message through our FB page: Intentional Strategies for Transformation at
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Global House of Prayer Cyprus
Global House of Prayer Cyprus

Category: Prayer House
Director: Crawford & Sheila Kirkwood
At Gateway Church
, Cyprus

Global House of Prayer Cyprus was born out of a passion to pray for the nations
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Living Stones House of Prayer
Living Stones House of Prayer - Larnaca, Cyprus

Category: Prayer House
Larnaca, Cyprus

House of Prayer Cornerstone

We named our House of Prayer
Cornerstone after 1 Peter 2:6

See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.

Cornerstone is the place from where we are based as a growing community and ministry. The prayer room is located in Pervolia, Larnaca district.

We invite you to join us for our public meetings and to encounter God through worship, prayer and by just being in His presence
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International House of Prayer - Prague
International House of Prayer - Prague - Prague, Czech Republic

Category: Prayer House
Prague, Czech Republic

We are a group of believers from different churches in Prague who come together with a common purpose; to worship and adore oursavior and to intercede for the nations (Mark 11:17). We began meeting together with this common purpose in 2002
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House of Prayer Egypt
House of Prayer Egypt - Cairo, Egypt

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 27946161

7 El Sheikh Rihan Street
Tahrir Square
Cairo, Egypt

"For Our Lord is worthy, and as a sacrifice of Love, we build Him an altar where the fire of worship and intercession burn so that His glory is revealed in all the land of Egypt.?

The HOP in Kasr ElDobara is one of Kasr Eldobara Church Prayer Minstries. And it?s open for everyone and every denomination, "For My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all Nations? (Isaiah 56:7) and everyone is Welcome in the Lord?s House.

Our Vision: To see the name of the Lord lifted high in our Nation in Worship, prayer and intercession. Through helping in building Houses of Prayer all over Egypt where worship is lifted 24/7
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Beacon House of Prayer - Sandyford, England
Category: Prayer House
Phone: 01782 827238

550 Hight Street
Sandyford, England ST6 5PD

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Easbourne Christian Prayer Centre - Easbourne, England
Category: Prayer House
Easbourne, England

Eastbourne Prayer Centre is the home of Revival, a Christian media organisation spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ all around the world through radio programmes.

You do not have to look too far, nor too hard, to see that the vast majority of British people have all but lost any personal faith in the God of the Bible. The resulting collapse of moral standards in public and private life is made all the more painful by the evidence of a Church largely in retreat and Christian influence clearly in decline.
Whilst some strategies have succeeded in slowing the overall rate of decline (there are church groups and projects that have witnessed exciting development in recent years), the British population remains largely disinterested, having less and less exposure to the Gospel message. Eastbourne, where Revival is based, is no exception.
Despite its ever-growing population � made up mainly of young families, the homeless, and refugees � many have scarcely any church connections and remain untouched by the life-changing message of the Risen Christ. It is from this position of weakness � coupled with the frustration of failure and the apparent hopelessness of the situation � that it has become imperative that God�s people unite in seeking His mercy on an increasingly Godless society.
How can we hope to see the kind of spiritual awakening needed to turn the hearts of Britain�s people back to God? It is a goal that cannot be achieved even with the finest of human strategies and effort. It is a work that only a gracious and merciful God can do � �Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain� (Psalm 127:1).
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Glasgow House of Prayer
Glasgow House of Prayer - Glasgow, Scotland, England

Category: Prayer House
Director: Phillip and Sarah Anderson
Phone: +44 (0) 7866 008 331

St Georges Tron Church
163 Buchanan Street
Glasgow, Scotland, England G1 2JX

GHOP exists to exalt Jesus, pursue intimacy with God and contend for transformation through worship and intercession in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. We use the Harp & Bowl model of intercessory worship in regular Intercession, Worship with the Word and devotional meetings. GHOPs focus in intercession is on revival of the church and awakening in the nation Scotland, justice for the unborn and for those caught in modern day slavery, Israel and the Middle East, the Scottish and UK governments. Teaching sessions and occasional conferences focus on passion for Jesus, for the word of God, for prayer and for the Day of the Lord. Currently we meet three times a week, and were asking the Lord to set watchmen on the walls and raise up prophetic singers and musicians to keep the fire on the altar for extended times. We meet in St Georges Tron Church of Scotland, which is located on Buchanan Street, the busiest shopping street in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland.
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Ham House of Prayer
Ham House of Prayer - Ham, England

Category: Prayer House
Director: Joy Houghton Brown

Ham Christian Centre
Lock Rd
Ham, England TW107LN

Heeding the call to pursue justice. Join us in worship and prayer for justice every Friday from 1-3 pm and 7-9pm in Ham Christian Centre, Lock Rd,TW107LN
Once we have opened our hearts to modern sex slavery there is only one response: take action. As long as one person remains in slavery we are committed to fight it. We refuse to turn a blind eye to this injustice and will not allow it to continue on our watch.

Exodus Cry (Exoduscry.com) has identified 10 key ways to take action against modern-day slavery which we pray will help you join with us in bringing an end to this injustice.

Pray ? "Thy Kingdom Come?. God has ordained His kingdom to operate in conjunction with human participation. He will avenge our cries and bring speedy justice when we cry out day and night for these women and children. Join us at our prayer watch on Friday afternoons from 1-4pm

Compassion ? Open your heart to the plight of the oppressed and allow ourselves to be moved by the things that move the heart of God

Stand in purity ? Lust fuels slavery. Abolition begins with a commitment to personal purity; otherwise we will find ourselves in partnership with the very spirit that keeps the sex trade booming. Make a purity covenant

Spread the word ? Become informed. Tell others in your sphere of influence about the realities of modern day slavery.

Volunteer - Be a servant. Offer your time, talents and passions to organisations in your community who serve victims of trafficking and prostitution

Watch ? Slavery thrives in shadows. Ask the Lord to shed light on the underworld of trafficking and give you eyes to see. You can play a vital role in keeping watch in your community.

Reach ? Touch one life. Women and children are being sexually exploited in just about every town and city on the earth. If you look for them you will find them. Whether it?s a women being sold on the street or dancing in a strip club get struggles and believe with them for full restoration that comes through Christ.

Speak up ? Be a voice for the voiceless. Let your voice be heard by contacting local politicians and community leaders about your concern for those victimised in the commercial sex trade. Petition them to implement the Swedish model of combating trafficking and prostitution ? download a copy here.

Adopt a child ? Who will father the fatherless? 90% of women in domestic prostitution were at one point in the foster care system. Trafficking is an exploitation of vulnerability. Adopting a child who is lost in the foster care system can prevent another young life from slipping into tentacles of forced prostitution and human trafficking.

Invest ? Sow into freedom. Join the abolitionists by giving financially to ministries who partner with the heart of Jesus to bring liberty to the captives and healing the broken
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IHOP - London - London, England
Category: Prayer House

47 Station Road
London, England NW10 4UP

he Lord has called us to be a community of believers committed to God, each other, and to establishing a 24/7 house of prayer in London we gather daily for corporate prayer and worship in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. We are moving more and more into the direction of having night and day continues prayer and worship in London.

At The International House of Prayer-London, we are committed to prayer, fasting, the Great Commission, and to living as forerunners, preparing the generation of The Lords return. We have a mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.

Night and day prayer with worship is the spinal cord of everything else we do. We are inspired by Amos prophecy: On that day I will raise up The tabernacle of David , which has fallen down, And repair its damages; I will raise up its ruins, And rebuild it as in the days of old (Amos 9:11- NKJV//Acts 15:16 ). King David who received the revelation of night and day prayer and worship when He bought the Arc to Jerusalem and put it in a tabernacle, organized and paid 4,000 musicians and 288 singers to worship God 24/7 (I Chr.23:1-25:31).

Our vision is to prepare hundreds of full-time intercessory missionaries who, like John the Baptist, live a lifestyle of discipline and devotion to God. As forerunner messengers, their lives and voices cry out, Prepare the way of the Lord! We invite you to visit us online and in person. Join with us as we set our hearts to love God, worship Him alone, and dedicate our lives to serving Him without reservation; to demonstrate our love for others in works of service, justice, outreach, and compassion; and to proclaim the return of Jesus.
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New Forest House of Prayer
New Forest House of Prayer - New Forest, England

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 44 (0) 1425 274551
New Forest, England

"The New Forest House of Prayer is made up of Christians from across the Body of Christ throughout the New Forest and surrounding areas who are responding to Gods call to stand together in Ministry to Him. Our goal is to be a place where we can stand together before Jesus, unified and strengthened in our unyielding love for Him, an expression of the love-sick Bride of Christ caught up in ceaseless worship of our beautiful God. Our ultimate aim is to gather together in constant worship and intercession 24 hours a day in a sustained day and night prayer gathering until Jesus returns."
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Oxford Prayer Room
Oxford Prayer Room - Oxford City, England

Category: Prayer House

The Catacombs of St Aldates
St Ebbes St
Oxford City, England
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Rugby House of Prayer
Rugby House of Prayer - Rugby, England

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 44 (0) 1788 542846
Rugby, England CV21 4EG

"R-HoP began in 2003 as a result of four churches in the town getting together for prayer events. The churches were St Matthews, a lively Anglican church, Christian Life Centre, affliated to the Assemblies of God, and two independent charismatic fellowships, Rugby Fellowship Church and Grapevine Christian Fellowship."
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Solent House of Prayer
Solent House of Prayer - Fareham, England

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 01329 841619

Hillson Drive
Henry Cort Community College / Theatre
Fareham, England PO15 6PH

Welcome to Solent House of Prayer Facebook page.

We currently meet weekly on Thursday evenings at St. Columbus Church Hall, Hillson Drive, Fareham, Hants. 7.30pm-10.00pm.

Our harp and bowl session of prayer and worship is popular and powerful. Sessions are open to all.

We are a House of Prayer linked to Living Word Church Fareham.

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South Coast Central HOP
South Coast Central HOP - Portsmouth, England

Category: Prayer House
Director: Aaron and Natalie
Portsmouth, England

Who are we? We are a ministry organised by churchs in the South Coast central area functioning towards 24/7 house of prayer, serving as a missions base.

Whats the VISION of SCCHOP? Establish individuals into the bridal identity through 24/7 prayer as forerunners in this end time. To release Gods power and love in the earth.

Whats the MISSION of SCCHOP? We exist to reach the lost and to restore the identity of believers to Christ in the context of the Bridal Paradigm. By providing biblical-based education for believers of Christ in all areas of life and to raise them up as intimate lovers of God. For the releasing of labourers empowered by the Holy Spirit through 24/7 night and day prayer for the great end time harvest of souls.

What is the purpose SCCHOP Missions? The Missions Base exists to call forth and train forerunners to embrace the prophetic forerunner spirit leading to a fasted lifestyle and the proclamation of the beauty of God as Bridegroom, King and Judge to equip believers to embrace Jesus in a wholehearted way at the end of the Age. Is this a new idea? No, definitely not! In fact the, perpetual solemn assemblies have played a key part in the formation of the church down through the centuries. For example: Around 1000 BC, King David established a tabernacle in Jerusalem and set a precedent of night and day worship before the Lord that continued at various times throughout Israel and Judahs history. Each time this order of worship was reintroduced, spiritual breakthrough, deliverance and military victory followed. Likewise, throughout the centuries, groups in Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and elsewhere across the globe have established day and night centers of prayer and worship. Following in this tradition, the South Coast Central House of Prayer are working towards their own night and day prayer to build their goal of 24/7 worship.
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Taunton House of Prayer
Taunton House of Prayer - Taunton, England

Category: Prayer House

The Grigg Room @ North St Church
32a North St
Taunton, England TA1 1LW

Taunton House of Prayer exists to serve the church in Taunton and the surrounding area. We gather during the week to pray and intercede both for our town and the nations.

A Prayer Room Why?

God is raising up a people to go and do likewise, to be like Jesus in this world: to love with His heart, to speak with His words, to see through His eyes and to walk in His power.

The rulers and elders in Acts 4:13 saw ordinary fishermen walking in boldness, power and miracles and it says they took note that these men had been with Jesus. The power of our lives is in knowing and being with God. Dan 11:32 says the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits for God.

We are running a prayer room as a place of encouragement to the church to come and be with God. It is a place for any of us to come whenever and for as long as we like to read the Bible, talk to God in prayer and worship God for who He is because we want to know Him
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Yksi Sydän Ylistys-ja rukouskeskus - One Heart Worship and Prayer Room - Helsinki, Finland
Category: Prayer House

Sorvaajankatu 11 A
Helsinki, Finland
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La Maison des Parfums
La Maison des Parfums - Paris, France

Category: Prayer House

97 rue Julien Lacroix
Paris, France 75020
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www.maisondeprierenantes.com - Nantes, France
Category: Prayer House

49 Rue de Bois Hardy
Nantes, France 44100
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Christliches Zentrum Herrnhut - Herrnhut, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Phone: +49 (0)35873-33667

August-Bebel-Strasse 12?13
Herrnhut, Germany 02747

Also on Facebook as www.facebook.com/JesusHau
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Gebet24 Gebetshaus N?rnberg (Prayer24 house Nuernberg) - Nuernberg, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Director: Stefan Boelcke

Wodanstra?e 59
Nuernberg, Germany 90461

Gebetshaus und Kreativhaus N?rnberg Deutschland in dem 24 Stunden Gott angebetet werden soll mit allen Sinnen und mit ganzen Herzen in Wahrheit und im Geist.
Prayerhouse and Creativhouse Nuernberg Germany where we worship 24 hour with all sense and with whole hearts in truth and spirit.
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Gebetshaus Augsburg (House of Prayer Augsburg) - Augsburg, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Director: Renee Derstine

Oytalstrasse 25
Augsburg, Germany 86163
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Gebetshaus Berlin (House of Prayer Berlin) - Berlin, Germany
Category: Prayer House

Dolomitenstrasse 87
Berlin, Germany 13187
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Gebetshaus Heidelberg - Heidelberg, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Director: Johannes Lanz
Phone: 06226-990793

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 28
Heidelberg, Germany 69117
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Gebetshaus Muenchen - IHOP Munich
Gebetshaus Muenchen - IHOP Munich - Munich, Germany

Category: Prayer House
Director: Ralf Jaegerhuber
Phone: +498961501009

Karlstrasse 34
Munich, Germany 80333

We are a growing ecumenical group of prayers in munich with goal 24/7 founded in 20
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House of Prayer Salzburg - Salzburg, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Director: Benny

Barengasschen 8
Salzburg, Germany 5020

The House of Prayer Salzburg is a place where God is loved abundantly. In worship and intercession we stand before the Throne of God praying for individuals, cities, peoples, and nations. As watchmen we wait day and night for the Second Coming of the Lord.

The House of Prayer is a place in which people seek God, enjoy His presence, and hear His voice.
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International House of Prayer Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Director: Rainer Harter
Phone: 0721-9714170

Liststrasse 22 (im CZK Gebaude)
Karlsruhe, Germany 76185
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Prayer Mountain and House of Prayer - Ludenscheid, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Phone: +49 (0 23 51) 35 80 39

Wislader Weg 9
Ludenscheid, Germany D-58513
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WEITOPEN! Christliches Zentrum e.V. für Gebet, Prophetie und Veränderung - Stadthagen-Enzen, Germany
Category: Prayer House
Phone: +49 (0) 5721 92 41 20

Nienstaedter Strasse 17
Stadthagen-Enzen, Germany D-31655

Christian Center for Prayer, Prophecy and Transformatio
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Jasons House of Prayer (St. Jason) - Thessaloniki, Greece
Category: Prayer House Email:
Phone: 30 2310 602 550
Thessaloniki, Greece
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Shalom Center Athens - Athens, Greece
Category: Prayer House
Phone: 210-520-1952

8 Akominatou Street
Athens, Greece
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Incubator Ministires - All Nations House of Prayer
Incubator Ministires - All Nations House of Prayer - Kowloon, Hong Kong

Category: Prayer House
Director: Louisa Ma
Phone: (852) 2967 1844

Unit 701, AIA Financial Center,
712 Prince Edward Rd East,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Please see our website for our ministries.
We have a prayer room, an one year internship program and end time praying church planting, our network of churches are under KFC (Kingdom Family Church).

You are welcome to visit us, the closest MTR Station is "Diamond Hill Station." There is a free shuttle bus running from this MTR Station to our building.
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Kecskemet House of Prayer
Kecskemet House of Prayer - Kecskemet, Hungary

Category: Prayer House

Jokai str. 22.
Kecskemet, Hungary 6000
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24-7 Prayer - Ireland - Dublin, Ireland
Category: Boiler Room
Director: Brian Heasley

301 Kings Road
Dublin, Ireland

24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice that began with a single, student-led prayer vigil in Chichester, England in 1999 and has spread, by word-of-mouth, into 100+ nations.
For more than a decade the global 24-7 Prayer meeting has continuedunbroken, impacting locations as diverse as the US Naval Academy, a German punk festival, war-zones and underground churches, the slums of Delhi, the jungles of Papua New Guinea, ancient English cathedrals and even a brewery in Missouri.
Along the way, this unusual prayer meeting has given rise to numerous new initiatives, communities and ministries particularly focusing on the poor, the marginalised, students and those outside the reach of normal expressions of church
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Ballymena House of Prayer - Ballymena, Ireland
Category: Prayer House
Director: Jonathan Leakey

11-17 Paradise Avenue
Ballymena, Ireland BT42 3AE

A space for intimacy with the Father

A commitment to sustained worship, intercession, reaching out to those in need.
The aims of the House of Prayer will be:
- to be a focus for worship and prayer open to all Christians in the Ballymena area, whatever their denomination,
- to come together in unity
- to meet once a month on the last Monday evening of each month (except December and August); this may become more frequent as we progress;
- to worship God together and lift up the name of Jesus over the town and borough
- to reach out to those in need in the are
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Cadence House of Prayer
Cadence House of Prayer - Bangor, County Down, Ireland

Category: Prayer House
Bangor, County Down, Ireland

Cadence House of Prayer is a group of believers from different denominations and backgrounds who meet together regularly to worship God and to intercede as the Spirit leads us.

Our long term vision is that God will raise up a House of Prayer to be a 24/7 Prayer and Worship community here in Bangor, Co Do
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My Fathers House
My Fathers House - Ballinskelligs, Ireland

Category: Prayer House
Director: Dominick and Lillian
Phone: +353 66 947 9340

Barrys Cross
Ballinskelligs, Ireland
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Transformations Ireland
Transformations Ireland - Belfast, Ireland

Category: Prayer Network
Phone: 07841 096571

PO Box 865
Belfast, Ireland BT5 5WY

The Transformations Ireland Committee has been meeting regularly since 2000 to pray together for the transformation of our cities and nation... Our concern has been to see prayer take place and to encourage relationships amongst Christians across all denominations
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Jerusalem House of Prayer - Jerusalem, Israel
Category: Prayer House
Phone: 972-2-626-1518
Jerusalem, Israel
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Jerusalem Pavilion Prayer Tower
Jerusalem Pavilion Prayer Tower - Jerusalem, Israel

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 972-2-625-1899

Jaffa Rd 97, 14th Floor
Clal Building
Jerusalem, Israel

"From the panoramic windows of The Pavilion Prayer Tower situated 17 stories on top of one of Jerusalems highest hills, we will be constantly reminded of the Lord?s soon return as we look down at the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount. As we fulfill the command to intercede for all who are in authority we will actually have within our sights, the Knesset and Supreme Court of Israel. We have also designed an upper room to seat 120. May the Lord once again pour out his Spirit on Jerusalem as we watch and wait for Him. (read more on the website.)"
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Succat Hallel
Succat Hallel - Jerusalem, Israel

Category: Prayer House
Jerusalem, Israel

"Succat Hallel (Hebrew for Tabernacle of Praise) is a dynamic community of worshippers and intercessors from five continents drawn together to stand as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. 24 hour, 7 days a week corporate worship and intercession here is patterned after the Tabernacle of David, and within walking distance of its original location in Jerusalem. We currently have worship and intercession watches in English, Hebrew, Spanish, German and French.
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24-7 Italia
24-7 Italia - Montecalvo Irpino, Italy

Category: Prayer House
Director: Umberto Iorillo
Phone: 0039.345.64.68.714

via S.Andrea, 9
Montecalvo Irpino, Italy 83037


La casa di preghiera 24/7 Italia è un luogo dedicato alla preghiera, all?intercessione, alla lode e all?adorazione, in cui ogni attività, esperienza o progetto vuole essere incentrata su Dio e sulla realtà della Sua presenza.
È uno spazio aperto a chiunque abbia il desiderio di dedicare qualche ora o qualche giorno del proprio tempo in preghiera, intercessione, lode e adorazione.
È uno sp...azio predisposto appositamente per:
- dedicare del tempo allesercizio di discipline spirituali come il digiuno e la meditazione della Parola
- trascorrere momenti di intimità alla presenza di Dio
- esprimere e sviluppare talenti e doni spirituali e artistici, in un ambiente sperimentale, spontaneo e dispirazione divina.

L?obiettivo è anche quello di coordinare insieme alle chiese locali, ai ministeri e a credenti singoli d?Italia, una rete di preghiera nazionale con lo scopo finale di stabilire nel nostro Paese un flusso ininterrotto di preghiera, lode e intercessione, 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7.
Crediamo sia importante continuare a stabilire e consolidare contatti con movimenti analoghi allestero già esistenti.


Sessioni di intercessione, lode, adorazione.
Giornate dedicate alla preghiera continua per motivi specifici.
Seminari, studi biblici, corsi di preparazione artistica e ministeriale con ospiti nazionali e internazionali.
Coordinazione e organizzazione di una rete nazionale di preghiera 24/7.


Il modello della preghiera 24/7 si ispira al tabernacolo di Davide, un luogo in cui per 40 anni leviti, cantori e adoratori offrirono preghiera e lode continua alla presenza di Dio. In questa tenda dimorava la presenza manifesta di Dio e veniva custodita l?Arca del Patto (1 Cronache 16).
Nelle Scritture Dio ribadisce più volte il Suo proposito di ricostruire il tabernacolo di Davide (Atti 15:16-18 ? Amos 9:11), non già la struttura fisica ma piuttosto un ministero di preghiera e adorazione continua alla Sua presenza.
Vediamo anche che nella Sala del Trono al cospetto di Dio, si offre l?incenso che rappresenta le preghiere dei santi, insieme al suono dell?arpa; qui si ripete il modello del tabernacolo di Davide: preghiera e intercessione, unite al canto e alla musica.
Un altro esempio è visibile nel tabernacolo di Mosé, dove i sacerdoti avevano il compito di bruciare continuamente l?incenso e ravvivare il fuoco acceso da Dio sull?altare (Levitico 6:12-13 ? Esodo 30:8) Naturalmente, questo è un modello che sicuramente riguarda la vita del credente individuale, ma è anche un?ulteriore conferma del fatto che Dio desidera che ci sia questa continuità nella lode e nella preghiera, a livello personale e a livello comunitario.

Se siete interessati a visitare la sede di 24/7 Italia, a coprire qualche turno oppure a passare qualche giorno nella casa, vi invitiamo a contattarci
info@24-7italia.org per informazioni.
Per soggiorni di durata superiore a 3 gg, è necessario fare richiesta scritta, compilando lapposito modulo e fare un colloquio con lo staff di 24/7 Italia. E richiesto un contributo per la copertura delle spese. 24/7 Italia si riserva di accettare o meno ogni richiesta presentata.

Sito Web
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HOP ITALIA - Caserta, Italy

Category: Prayer House
Director: Giuseppe Conte

Strada Statale 265
Caserta, Italy 81020

House of Prayer HOP Italia

Casa di Preghiera Hop Ita
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HOP Italia
HOP Italia - Marcianise, Italy

Category: Prayer House
Phone: (+39)3395723906

Strada Provinciale SP335-III (Ex S.S. 265)
Marcianise, Italy 81025
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MiHOP - Casa di Preghiera Milano
MiHOP - Casa di Preghiera Milano - Milan, Italy

Category: Prayer House
Director: Michele and Fabiola Montecchi
Phone: +39 393 487 4834

Via De Pretis 19
Milan, Italy 20100
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Jamaica House of Prayer (JaHOP)
Jamaica House of Prayer (JaHOP) - Kingston, Jamaica

Category: Prayer House
Director: Pastor Harry Walcott and Rosamund Walcott
Phone: 876-631-9520

3rd Floor, 24 Northside Plaza, Liguanea
Kingston 6 Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica House of Prayer (JaHOP) is a non-denominational ministry that is calling for participation from any church, para-church organization or Business that worships Jesus according to the Scripture, regardless of denomination, for the sake of bringing unity to the Body of Christ and for revival to come in Kingston, throughout the rest of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world, as we look forward to the second coming of Christ.

A Mission Base to include a 24/7 Prayer Room; Conference Facility, with accommodation; a Ministry School for the training of intercessors, worshippers, musicians and prophetic messengers to go forth and impact their communities and the nations of the earth as we look forward to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

? To call forth, train and mobilize worshipping intercessors who operate in the forerunner spirit as end-time prophetic messengers.
? To establish a 24/7 Prayer Room in Kingston by gathering corporately to fast and pray in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.
? To train and send out teams to plant Houses of Prayer in the communities, the Caribbean and the world, after God grants a breakthrough of His power in Kingston, Jamaica.
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Category: Prayer House
Director: Fernando Letchakowski
Phone: 090 671 02505

Tokyo, Japan

A prophetic house of prayer, seeking the Lord and calling forth revival in Japan, we believe the Lord will visit Japan in a mighty way, His power will break out and millions of souls will be saved.
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House Of Prayer For All Nations
House Of Prayer For All Nations - Tokyo, Japan

Category: Prayer House
Director: Pr.Gilberto B.Oliveira
Phone: 090 651 11595
Tokyo, Japan

We are located in the center of Tokyo across from Tokyo University main campus, "Akamon Gate" or
ed gate. The nearest station is Hongo Sanchome, either by the Marunouchi Subway line or the Oedo Subway line, and it is only a five minute w
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Shinjuku HoP Japan
Shinjuku HoP Japan - Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Japan

Category: Prayer House

7-9-7 Nikka Bldg. B1
Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Japan

Currently there are 30 prayer staff members and more and more pray-ers visit SHOP to join this unceasing cycle of prayers and praises 24 hours a day.
We would appreciate your praying for the enhancement of the prayers ministry and that financial needs of the SHOP would be met
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The Altar IHOP, Tokyo
The Altar IHOP, Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan

Category: Prayer House
Director: Jennifer Gracey
Tokyo, Japan

We are a house of prayer, in the heart of Tokyo longing for "all heaven to break loose" in Japan & Asia.

In addition to prayer and worship, our areas of ministry are Human Trafficking and Crisis Response & Disaster Relief.

In keeping with the international ministry based in Tokyo theme, our primary language is English and we offer translation & interpretation as resources allow.
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Univeristy of Tokyo - Todai House of Prayer(THOP) - Tokyo, Japan
Category: Luke18Project
Tokyo, Japan
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Fire Revival Apostolic Church Arena of Prayers and Worship - Ahero, Kenya
Category: Prayer House Director: Pastor Dan Dalton Ngage
Phone: +254723666681

PO Box 407
Ahero, Kenya 40101

Vision: Doing Chain Praye
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Kenya House of Prayer
Kenya House of Prayer - Kenyatta, Kenya

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 020-2710516
Kenyatta, Kenya

Kenya House of Prayer is a Christian organization duly registered in Kenya. It is an interdenominational, non-denominational prayer fellowship. The term ?House of Prayer? is derived from the Bible. Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21:13 that ?God?s house shall be called a house of prayer.?

Kenya House of Prayer is affiliated to Intercessors for Africa or Africa House of Prayer. The Intercessors for Africa is based in Accra, Ghana. It was founded in 1985 as a network of participating national prayer and intercessory networks of countries primarily within the African continent as well as Africans in the diaspora.
To see a transformed society through establishment of the Kingdom of God in Kenya and beyond.
?Standing in the gap on behalf of the land through training and strategic prayer.?

To train, mobilize, equip and deploy in the nation an army of mature praying believers who pray strategically, affirming the victory of Jesus Christ in the land.

To train and develop intercessors in Kenya and provide a platform for effective intercessory networks across the land
To encourage, equip raise and pray for leaders who in turn will manifest servant leadership
To discern Gods redemptive role for the Kenyan peoples as richly illustrated in the scriptures
To discern, mobilize prayer for Africa and the nations to fulfill their God given mandate
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Mediteranian Regional Prayer Center
Mediteranian Regional Prayer Center - Floriana, Malta

Category: Prayer House
Director: Ben and Eve Passmore, Nathalie Purchase

89 Kapuccini St.
Floriana, Malta VLT15

The primary purpose of the Malta House of Prayer is to be a people that prioritize beholding the Lord in His beauty and being renewed into His likeness every day.
(Psalm 27:4)
We are a community that desires to be a continual furnace of intercession, a gathering of watchmen who have devoted themselves to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.
(Isaiah 52:8, Isaiah 62:6,7)

One of the main visions of the Malta House of Prayer is to meet daily to pray and worship and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this mostly in the style of the Tabernacle of David. (1 Chron 23-26 ) We desire to bring unity to the churches by facilitating these prayer meetings as a neutral environment, a place where individuals from all denominations are welcome to come and worship corporately. (Acts 2:46,47)

The main topic of intercession during the prayer meetings is the Body of Christ in Malta. We serve the Body in this way by lifting up the congregations and the leaders daily before Jesus. We also continually petition the Lord to bring a great spiritual awakening to Malta and the surrounding nations.

We encourage participants to take what they gain in the prayer meetings back to their various communities and places of fellowship. We welcome members of local churches to be a part of the Service Team by leading prayer and worship during the meetings as an expression of continual partnership within the Body of Christ in Malta. While prioritizing relational accountability within the Leadership Team we also encourage them to serve, pray, and worship with other groups. We purposely have not scheduled a Sunday morning meeting so as to make this easy. As a way of serving the churches in Malta, we facilitate daily prayer meetings in hopes of contributing to unity and overall spiritual maturity of the Body of Christ.

We are also more than a local community because we partner internationally with organizations who have prioritized prayer as part of their ministry. The Lord has clearly orchestrated this and we will continue to serve through international partnerships to fulfill the Lords purposes in the Mediterranean region. The Lord has spoken numerous times to us and to many others that Malta is very strategic in His plan for the regio
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24-7 Prayer Ermelo
24-7 Prayer Ermelo - Ermelo, Netherlands

Category: Boiler Room
Director: Linda
Ermelo, Netherlands

24-7 Prayer Ermelo
Entering the Lord God

Many of us desire, but what is in practice often. It seems so ambitious. One hour alone (or with someone else) pray. How to play it ready? And still others form a chain of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Come on!

May we invite you to insert a first step and just want to get one hour? Not with the obligation to one hour a serious attitude of prayer to sit, but also to take time to read a passage, think about it, to a good CD to listen own music making (with the available guitar ) and sing your heart out in song. Everything is possible, especially in the area, which is specially decorated. The prayers of your heart you loud or soft to the Lord speak, but it is also possible to them as encouragement for others to write (in a notebook, or even on the blackboard).

Come and convince yours
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House of prayer Amersfoor
House of prayer Amersfoor - Amersfoor, Netherlands

Category: Prayer House
Amersfoor, Netherlands

Vision and purpose
There are no translations available.

In the house of prayer is the central theme of the first part of the prayer that Jesus taught us:
"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven" (Matthew 6:9,10).

There are three objectives:

1) It is a place of worship where the Bible, the word of God in proclamation, music and singing prayers to Him is returned, and being created in His creation. Once this took place in the tabernacle of David, and
will again take place in the last days (1 Chronicles 9:11 16/Amos / Acts 15:16-18). The desire is that there will be an evolution to 24 / 7 prayer:
"Day and night they repeat:" Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is and who is ... " (Revelation 4:8 vice vers
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House of Prayer Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Category: Prayer House
Director: Wim Duijvenbod
Phone: 010-455 37 45

58 Tulip Street, 3071 U.S.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

The past ten or fifteen years have been all over the world, including the Netherlands, House of Prayer arise. Elim may be one of them.

Elim Rotterdam from 1901 to 1940 was already a mission home for Jews. It was located in the same place as where Elim is now. See History. Elim in 2005, reopened its doors as a House of Prayer.

The Bible is the foundation of everything in Elim. See also History and Vision.

Prayer is of course the main activity in Elim. There are several prayer meetings. We pray first for salvation of the inhabitants of large-Rotterdam, about one million people. Furthermore we pray for all practical matters of Church and Society in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Because the blessing of the biblical people of Israel the second pillar of Elim, there are of course Isra?lbidstonden.

With the famous "pray and work" in mind there are two practical ministries in Elim, which is actually the blessing of Israel and Evangelism.

An example of the first is sufficient interest we hold monthly Messianic Shabbat meal. With the aim of interested acquainted with one of Gods Biblical Holidays and to taste how the people of Israel celebrates an evening.

Elim is not affiliated with any local church or church but works to serve the Church of Jesus Christ in Rotterdam. The people who come to pray in Elim (including preachers and pastors) come from many different church
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Huis van Gebed
Huis van Gebed - Brinkersweg 27, Netherlands

Category: Prayer House
Director: Coordinator of the House of Prayer is: MDGeuze.
Phone: 0341- 25 05 16

8071 GR Nunspeet
Brinkersweg 27, Netherlands

The House of Prayer is a foundation - founded on May 14, 2003 - Christians from various backgrounds who want to encourage personal and collective to persevere in prayer.

Premise of the House of Prayer is a sincere love for the Bible as the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.

We want to pray in humility, reconciliation, trust and expectati
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Huisgemeente - Beverwijk, Netherlands
Category: Soaking Center
Beverwijk, Netherlands

House church of born again christia
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Huizen van Gebed (Houses of Prayer)
Huizen van Gebed (Houses of Prayer) - Den Haag, Netherlands

Category: Prayer Network
Phone: T: +31(0)628198807

Westhovenplein 121
Den Haag, Netherlands 2532 BE

A comprehensive website networking houses of
prayer in the Netherland
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Tabernacle of the Nations (YWAM Base)
Tabernacle of the Nations (YWAM Base) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 31-20-620510

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 65
Amsterdam, Netherlands 1012 EK

Through the Tabernacle of the Nations we minister to the Lord and support global missions through intercession, worship and other creative expressions, together with people of all nations.

The Tabernacle of the Nations is a house of prayer and worship in the heart of Amsterdam?s Red Light District. In the Tabernacle of the Nations passion for Jesus is expressed through: art, music, creativity, dance, and cultural expressions; reflecting the vibrant diversity of Amsterdam. We aim to reinforce evangelism and mercy ministries through intercession. The Tabernacle of the Nations is a gift to the city and the body of Christ, and will encourage unity among the churches in Amsterdam
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VEZ Huis van Gebed en Aanbidding
VEZ Huis van Gebed en Aanbidding - Zwolle, Netherlands

Category: Prayer House
Director: Gijsbert van Oeveren

Binnengasthuisstraat 8
Zwolle, Netherlands 8015AC

Harp & Bowl style house of prayer in the Netherlands. Check the website for meeting ti
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Tauranga House of Prayer
Tauranga House of Prayer - Ohauiti, New Zealand

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 64 7 576 1991

131 Poike Rd
Ohauiti, New Zealand

"n January 2006, young adults began meeting together daily, marking the beginning of prayer gatherings that still continue to this day. The Prayer Room is the essence of who we are as a people; its the heartbeat of all that we are called to do. We believe that offering Jesus unrelenting adoration is something He is truly worthy of. Scripture also tells us that night and day prayer is crucial if a city wants to experience awakening. We long for the Prayer Room to be a place of encounter, of personal transformation, and training in the Word of God. We desire that it would be a place where hearts are set free, bodies are healed, and where we gather to contend for the fullness of God in our community."
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Tauranga House of Prayer - Tauranga, New Zealand
Category: Prayer House
Director: Ryan & Betty Condo

c/- FBC
749 Welcome Bay Rd, Welcome Bay
Tauranga, New Zealand 3175

Located at the ends of the earth in the beautiful city of Tauranga, New Zealand on the campus of Faith Bible College. Been operating since 2006. Further information on THOP on the website including internships available each year.
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World Intercessors for Africa - Ikorodu, Nigeria
Category: Prayer House Director: Pastor Julius Ayodele
Phone: +2348050547899
Ikorodu, Nigeria 2340
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Dom Modlitwy Warszawa24 - Warszawa, Poland
Category: Prayer House
Director: Maciek Wolski

Sobieskiego 110
Warszawa, Poland 00-763

House of Prayer in Warsaw, Poland. Prayer room 4 or more hours a day (Mon-Fri). Solemn assemblies every month on Saturday for 12 or more hours.
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tabernacle of David - BAZANOWICE, Poland
Category: Boiler Room
Director: Maciek Wolski..
Phone: 48662584829

BAZANOWICE, Poland 43-440

We are a Polish Christian Marriage and living in south Poland. Our English language is not very well. Please pray for u
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Casa de Oraci?n: Puerto Rico El Faro - Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
Category: Prayer House
Director: Reina Perez
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico 00952

(For English information, please contact us by email or facebook)
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Bazna House of Prayer
Bazna House of Prayer - Bazna, Romania

Category: Prayer House
Bazna, Romania

"Our desire is that the message of 24/7 prayer would impact the Romanian Nation so that more and more Christians would get to experience deeper levels of intimacy with Christ. Thus, we long for the context where the cultivating of this intimacy would be facilitated, all this resulting in the effective development of a Christlike character within men. Our heart burns for the training, equipping and the support of the saints so that they might have an impact in our society due to a life devoted to prayer and fasting."
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IHOP-Moscow - Moscow, Russia

Category: Prayer House
Director: Valentin Jarov
Phone: 8-985-021-70-09

st. Admirala Makarova 41/2, 22
Moscow, Russia

International House of Prayer in Moscow (In the heart of Russia)
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Ural House of Prayer - Ekaterinburg, Russia
Category: Prayer House
Director: Oleg Kazantsev
Phone: +79068109838

7 Sheinkmana Street
Ekaterinburg, Russia 620014

This House of Prayer is located in the "belly" of Russia.
As said in John 7:3, "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." We pray for Russia to believe in Christ as its Savior and for all the Nations to get to know the Lord.
Our prayer meetings are conducted almost daily and include Intersession, Worship with the Word and Devotional sets.
If you are in Ekaterinburg, you are more then welcome to come and join us in prayer and worship.
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Holy Adoni - Kigali, RWANDA
Category: Prayer House
Director: Nsengiyumva Fidel
Phone: +250786155992

Rujugiro Estate
Kigali, RWANDA

We are a group of intercessors that aims at establishing the Kingdom of
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IHOP - One Thing Ministries
IHOP - One Thing Ministries - Singapore, Singapore

Category: Prayer House
Director: Kay-Chong Yeo

165 Sims Avenue
Singapore, Singapore 259178

At the International House of Prayer ? One Thing Ministries, the Lord has called us to be a Forerunner Community that is committed to Prayer with Worship, the Prophetic and the Great Commission.

As a Forerunner Community, we embrace and seek to live out the following four heart standards (embodied in the acronym ?IHOP?), in order to be a people who will partner with God in these Last Days:

Intercession: a people of prayer, expressed corporately through night and day prayer and worship;

Holiness: a people who have set themselves apart for intimacy with God, and who live out the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle;

Offering: a people who give extravagantly to God for the advancement of His Kingdom, and who live a fasted life (ie. simply) for themselves;

Prophetic: a people who stand boldly in faith, move in the power of God and have confidence in His provision, protection and direction.

As a missions base, we seek to equip and send missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists with a forerunner spirit who will labour to see revival and a great harvest all over Asia.

The heart of our missions base is 24/7 worship and prayer; thus, we seek to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in Singapore ? a perpetual and sacred assembly gathering corporately to fast and pray in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.

Two historical figures from the Bible who inspire us are Anna, the first evangelist and forerunner in the New Testament, and King David from the Old Testament. Anna prayed and fasted for over sixty years before Jesus? first coming (Luke 2:37), and King David organized and paid 4,000 musicians and 288 singers to worship God night and day (1 Chron. 23:1 ? 25:31).

Our mandate is to train believers, from this place of night and day prayer, to love Jesus and people wholeheartedly as they go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant Houses of Prayer and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.
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International House Of Prayer Saldanha Bay - Saldanha, South Africa
Category: Prayer House Director: Frankquit Jooste
Phone: 0827836342

18 Burton Port Stree
West Coast
Saldanha, South Africa 7395

We Glorify God the Father ,Lift up the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth from the earth in the power and glorious presence of the Holy Spirit through Prayer and Fasting and Praise and Worship.
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Prayer House Ministries - George, South Africa
Category: Prayer House Email:
Phone: 27 82 879 5892
George, South Africa

"Prayer House Ministries is an Interdenominational 24/7 - Intercessory Worship Ministry since April 2003, seeking to serve the body of Christ in?George and the Southern Cape ?in the fulfillment of it?s calling as ?a house of prayer for the nations? at the level of the local congregation, city and region."
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Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base - Witbank, South Africa
Category: Prayer House
Director: Marais Hendriksz
Phone: +27834471661

Corner of Watermeyer Steve Biko Bantu Street
Witbank, South Africa 1034

The Spirit and the Bride is calling, ?Come Lord Jesus, Come!? We live in a day and age that our Lord Jesus Christ is calling His Church, you and me right across the globe, to be prepared as His great reward, His bride. To live in an intimate and loving relationship with Him. He paid the ultimate price to be close to you. Come and join us on this journey to make the fist commandment your only commandment, to live a godly holy live that is energized and sustained by love.
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International House of Prayer Korea
International House of Prayer Korea - Goyang-si Gyounggi-do, South Korea

Category: Prayer House
Director: Kwangkyu Kim
Phone: 050-5353-1009

2207 Daehwa-dong Ilsanseo-gu
Goyang-si Gyounggi-do, South Korea 411-805

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House of Prayer for All Nations in Spain - Roda de Bara, Spain
Category: Prayer House
Director: Sylvia
Phone: +34628942583

Calle Aries 4, Urb. Bara Mar
Roda de Bara, Spain

House of Prayer and accommodations are available for intercessors in Posada de Paz: www.casalasenda.blogspot.com.
Located between Barcelona and Tarragona, major cities on coa
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Sthlms Bonehus - Stockholm, Sweden
Category: Prayer House

Smala grond 5
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm House of Prayer is an interdenominational prayer movement with Jesus in the center. We work in relationship with the larger Body of Christ for renewal, revival and seek to walk out the two great commandments to love God and people.

Through prayer, worship and the Word we seek to create a platform where we can meet God and in His presence be healed, transformed and restored. We do not want to build a local church, but instead be a resource for the Body of Christ in Stockholm, Sweden. We seek to build a house of prayer in Stockholm, with ongoing prayer and worship 24-7.

We meet to pray and worship (intercession) every Monday at 7 pm in the basement of the Rosenius church (entrance to the left of Rosenius Church), Smala Gr?nd 5, Stockholm. Intercession sessions can be more energetic, as the room is invited to engage in corporate prayer. There is generally a specific prayer focus, and individuals in the room are welcome to pray on the microphone for a corporate burden. There are also times of small group prayer for any who wish to participate.

Every Wednesday we meet at 7.00 pm for contemplative worship. Contemplative worship is a prayer format in which we agree with God?s heart as we sing the biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are. These sessions are more devotional in nature, providing an atmosphere conducive to reading the Bible and entering into contemplative or devotional prayer.

We also meet every first friday of the month at 7 pm for renewal meetings or biblestudies.

Subway station: H?torget or ?stermalmstorg. Wel
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Visby Salvation Army House of Prayer - Visby, Sweden
Category: Prayer House
Director: Kjell Karlsten
Phone: 0498-21 12 24

c/o Fralsningsarmen,
Mellangatan 21
Visby, Sweden 621 56
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Gebetshaus Davidherz
Gebetshaus Davidherz - Bern, Switzerland

Category: Prayer House

Eigerstrassse 12
Bern, Switzerland 3007

Establishing a foundation of continuous worship and prayer for Bern, the region and beyond.
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HoP Basel
HoP Basel - Basel, Switzerland

Category: Prayer House

Margarethenstrasse 103
CH-4053 Basel
Basel, Switzerland
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PRAYERHOUSE ZURI24H - Zurich, Switzerland
Category: Prayer House
Phone: +41 44 371 93 85

Verein Zuri 24h
Postfach 2357
Zurich, Switzerland CH-8031
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Thailand House of Prayer
Thailand House of Prayer - Bangkok, Thailand

Category: Prayer House
Director: Mrs. Wanna Paiboongasemsutti
Phone: 0846532503

11 Sukhumvit 38
Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Established 2008 by Thai Christian partnering with local churches.
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World Christian Redemption Mission
World Christian Redemption Mission - Kampala, Uganda

Category: Prayer House
Director: Augustine Wandera
Phone: +256 702 483 613
World Christian Redemption Church
Kampala, Uganda
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Ayrshire House of Prayer
Ayrshire House of Prayer - Ayrshire, United Kingdom

Category: Prayer House
Director: Richard Mayers
Phone: +44 (0)7723 554 699

37 Rowallan Drive
Ayrshire, United Kingdom KA3 1

Born from a House Of Prayer in Troon, U.K., Ayrshire House of Prayer bring Encounter At The Well prophetic prayer meetings to the The Howard Centre (5 Portland Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 2BT) every 2nd Tuesday of the month incorporating praise & worship with intercessory prayer for a renewed Ayrshire and hold worship celebrations bi-monthly on Sunday evenings (details to follow
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Edinburgh House of Prayer
Edinburgh House of Prayer - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Category: Prayer House
Director: Rachel Hewitt

71 Whitehill Street
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH21 8QZ

EHOP - pursuing intimacy with God, Cultivating creativity & Arts, Praying for His Glory Invasion
& Kingdom expansion!

Contact Rachel Hewitt - info@ehop.org.u
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Ffald-y-Brenin (Sheepfold of the King)
Ffald-y-Brenin (Sheepfold of the King) - Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Category: Prayer House
Director: Roy Godwin
Phone: 01348 881382

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom SA65 9UA
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Glasgow House of Prayer
Glasgow House of Prayer - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Category: Prayer House
Phone: +44 (0) 7866 008 331
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow House of Prayer (GHOP) is a non-denominational ministry that exists to pursue intimacy with God, exalt Jesus and contend for transformation through night and day worship and intercession in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. We are currently training musicians, singers, prayer leaders and technical support, forming teams to facilitate regular gatherings for prayer and worship around the city. While 24/7 isnt the finish line, Jesus is more than worthy of unceasing devotion and unbroken exaltation. As Christians we are called into partnership with God through persevering intercession, in agreement with His heart and word, and in unity with one another. The promises of 2 Chronicles 7:14 will be realised only if we fulfill the conditions - "if My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek My face, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal the land."

Click on the section titles to find out more about GHOP
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