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New Mexico

Below is a listing of Houses of Prayer in New Mexico. If you know of any Houses of Prayer that need to be added, please contact us by e-mail or through the Contact Us page. We are always looking for more Houses of Prayer to list.

City of Refuge HoP
City of Refuge HoP - Farmington, NM

Category: Prayer House
Director: Ramona and Alex Gonzalez

4301 Largo St
Suite D
Farmington, NM

Mission of the House:
1. Intimacy: Soaking and sitting in God?s presence while pursuing Him with our whole heart.
2. Open 24/7 with either live worship or worship streamed from IHOP Kansas City.
3. World renowned because of the manifest presence of God. An open heaven above.
4. A disease free zone.
5. No evil or wickedness within a ten- mile radius.6. People will enter his glory and be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
7. Five-fold ministry will come out of here, a launch pad for ministries.
8?.Freedom and Deliverance
9. A beachhead of ministry for the Four Corners area, pushing back the demonic powers and principalities.
10. A clearinghouse of aid and resources for local churches and ministries.
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Fire By Night
Fire By Night - Silver City, NM

Category: Prayer House
Phone: (575) 590-2542
Silver City, NM

Fire By Night is a network of simple churches (we call them Fire Houses) whose mission is to be the church rather than ?have? church. Fire Houses are small communities that focus on practicing the ?one anothers? of the bible and the simplicity of following Jesus. We have Fire Houses in various locations in the Silver City area and the WNMU campus. We also have a larger weekend gathering on Sunday afternoons at 4:00PM at Barnard Hall on the WNMU campus. These gatherings focus on celebration, worship, equipping, and helping people connect to our community
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