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Below is a listing of Houses of Prayer in Delaware. If you know of any Houses of Prayer that need to be added, please contact us by e-mail or through the Contact Us page. We are always looking for more Houses of Prayer to list.

DE-HOP - Wilmington, DE

Category: Prayer House
Director: Donna
Phone: (302) 494-4325

116 W 41st St
Wilmington, DE 19802

DE-HOP is part of a larger out pouring of a global prayer movement. That out pouring is praying and worshipping before the throne of God day and night without ceasing. Keeping the fire on the alter. Modeling after the Tabernacle of David, (1st Chronicles 13-16; 23-25).

Our desire to have a place where anyone can come and be surrounded by the Creator of all things and sense and know that He is good and only does good, and to be free to respond to God (joyfully, quietly, exuberantly, in song, dance, etc..).

The prophet Isaiah predicted a global Holy Spirit minisrty that would fill the earth in the generation of the Lords return. This prayer minisrty will be filled with Joy; truly enjoyable to participate in. (Isaiah 56:7)

God is raising up prayer furnaces all over the world in these last days and we want to take our possition here in Delaware. We encourage you to be a part and take a stand in the prayer room called DE-HOP.
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House of Praise for All People
House of Praise for All People - Greenwood, DE

Category: Prayer House
Director: Robert Muncy
Phone: (302) 398-9541

10280 Shawnee Road
Greenwood, DE 19950
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IHOP - First State
IHOP - First State - Dover, DE

Category: Prayer House
Director: David and Kelly Moorman
Phone: 302-922-0781

1207 East Division Street
Dover, DE 19901

The International House of Prayer: First State exists first and foremost to be an altar of incessant, unceasing, 24/7 worship and intercession over the region.

Mission statement: Uniting all churches and ethnicities in a culture of prayer.
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