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Below is a listing of Houses of Prayer in Canada. If you know of any Houses of Prayer that need to be added, please contact us by e-mail or through the Contact Us page. We are always looking for more Houses of Prayer to list.

Durham HoP
Durham HoP - Durham, Ontario, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Lorna McDougall

416 Taunton Rd W
Durham, Ontario, Canada

Durham House of Prayer is an emerging prayer furnace serving the Body of Christ in the Durham region. Our vision is ?seeking God, seeing transformation night and day.?

Our mission is:

To encounter the heart of God personally in prayer and worship (Psalm 27:4,8). When the first commandment is first in our lives, then we know His heart for others in a greater way
To fuel passion for Jesus by equipping believers in a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy. God is raising up a generation that is wholehearted in its pursuit (Psalm 24:6). We believe God is the only one who can satisfy this pursuit in the place of prayer. He draws us to the place of prayer because He desires to communicate His intentions. (Gary Wiens)
To cover the Durham Region with an on-going canopy of prayer and worship. The spiritual atmosphere of our region will be changed with increased prayer.
To pursue regional unity (Psalm 133), connecting the body of Christ together.
The Lord promises to bring about speedy justice to those who cry out to Him day and night (Luke 18:7). Our desire is to keep the fire of prayer and worship burning continuously in the region (Isaiah 56:7).

We invite musicians, artists, dancers and anyone with a similar passion for His presence to join with us
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Eastgate - St Johns, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Kirk Smith

1652 Rothesay Rd
St Johns, Canada E5N 6E6

The Prayer Room is a place for individual and corporate prayer and worship. Join musicians, singers, and prayer intercessors in different types of Prayer Sets structured in two hour time blocks throughout the da
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Global Prayer House
Global Prayer House - Medicine Hat, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 403-580-5981

901 - 3 Ave SW
Medicine Hat, Canada

The Lord has called us to be a community of believers committed to God, each other and to establishing a prayer house in Medicine Hat, Alberta?a solemn assembly gathering corporately to fast and pray in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. We are committed to the Great Commission and preaching the Gospel to the world. We believe it is on God?s heart that His house will be a house of prayer for all nations.

The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God. We take seriously the mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth
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Greater Ontario House of Prayer
Greater Ontario House of Prayer - Hamilton, ON, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Jill Weber
Phone: 905 802 8866

PO Box 57022
Jackson Square
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8P 4W9

"We are both a resource and a partner to prayer networks across Canada. We participate in prayer meetings, concerts of prayer, and events across Canada. We host an emerging local 24/7 prayer and worship facility in Hamilton, Ontari
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House of Prayer Edmonton
House of Prayer Edmonton - Edmonton, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Edmonton, Canada

House of Prayer Edmonton (HoPE) began as a vision by Jim Hall, Lead Pastor at the Canopy Christian Community in Edmonton. Jim had been impacted tremendously by the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City and the teachings of Mike Bickle. After travelling to Kansas City to visit IHOP, God gave Jim a vision and a passion for 24 hour night and day prayer in Edmonton.

Jim pastored at Central Baptist Church in Edmonton for 6 years before leaving to plant a new church with Eric Brooks called The Canopy Christian Community (taken from Isaiah 4:5-6). It was in the early days of The Canopy that Jim "put a stake in the ground" and began to contend for 24 hour prayer in Edmonton. The Canopy began praying once a month for a 24 hour period, incorporating IHOP inspired intercessory worship with an "urban monestary" format of prayer.

After a few years of praying 24 hours once per month at the Canopy, Jim moved House of Prayer under a city-wide banner. As an executive member of the Edmonton Evangelical Ministerial Association (EEMA), Jim brought House of Prayer under EEMAs spiritual covering. With a new name--House of Prayer Edmonton (HoPE)--Jim moved HoPEs monthly prayer times to a new location at Vanguard College in Edmonton.

Vanguard College was becoming a hub of city-wide prayer with weekly Tuesday morning prayer meetings attended by pastors from across the city. Jim had become a regular attender of these meetings, hosted by Pastor Bob Gal. Bob had rented a portion of Vanguard College to establish The Meeting Place, a central location for prayer activities and prayer training. Jims relationship with Bob made Vanguard College a logical choice to host HoPE
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Jesus Passion House of Prayer - Gatineau, Canada
Category: Prayer House
Director: Wendy Ordonez
Phone: 613-406-6212

480 Rue de Vernon
Gatineau, Canada J9J 0E4
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Kamloops House of Prayer
Kamloops House of Prayer - Kamloops, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Phone: 250 851 3624

181 West Victoria St
Kamloops, Canada
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Kelowna HoP
Kelowna HoP - Kelowna, Canada

Category: Prayer House

905 Badke Rd
Kelowna, Canada

Inspired by David?s tabernacle (1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7), where 288 singers and 4,000 musicians were employed as their full-time occupation to minister to the Lord and serve the community. The 24/7 schedule is divided into twelve two-hour prayer-with-worship meetings a day.

Scripture teaches that night-and-day prayer is crucial for the fullness of God?s power and purpose to be released (Lk. 18:7?8; Isa. 62:6?7). We are offering Jesus unceasing adoration, while contending for justice and the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest and bring transformation in all spheres of society
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Maritime HoP - New Brunswick
Maritime HoP - New Brunswick - New Brunswick, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Evan
Phone: 506-863-1117

47379 Homestead Rd
New Brunswick, Canada

The Maritime House of Prayer (MHOP) was birthed in the spring
of 2006. This occurred after eight years of carrying the vision
but not having the full picture of how it would look and function
in our region. The vision is threefold: the House of Prayer is to
be a place of worship, intercession, and healing. It will be an
opportunity to connect with other followers of Jesus who have
a passion to pray and seek the Lord for transformation in our

Mobile MHOP:

The unique aspect of MHOP is that it is a Mobile Maritime House
of Prayer. We believe that in many cities, towns, and villages of
the Maritimes there will be a group of local people who will come
together one day a month in their own city, town or village. This
"day" will be a date of the month that will be chosen by the core
group and they will take responsibility for ensuring that this
twenty-four hour period (midnight to midnight) of worship and
intercession will take place in their location each month. The
physical location (building) may change monthly but the
geographic location will be consistent
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National House of Prayer
National House of Prayer - Ottawa, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Rob and Fran Parker
Phone: 613-789-4907

17 Myrand Avenue
Ottawa, Canada


Our desire at the National House of Prayer is to mobilize informed, focused, and sustained prayer for Canada and its leaders.

How we do this

We attempt to do this by having an on-going presence of praying people in the halls of our Federal Government. Intercesssors attend the daily Question Period, sit in Senate sessions, position themselves in Committee meetings and make appointments with individual Parliamentarians. We intercede in the official Prayer Chapel, prayer-walk the grounds of Parliament Hill, visit the Supreme Court, and the Governor Generals residence and pray with Christians groups from the many different departments of national Government.

We also provide training in intercessory prayer for short-term prayer teams and long-term residents at our NHOP centre, and travel throughout Canada teaching our weekend Schools of Prayer, or week-long National Schools of Intercession. Visiting teams are hosted for a week at a time at our very gracious facilities, just minutes east of Parliament Hill, while others sense the call to join our community for six month or one year intensive experiences.

Because we believe in "informed intercession" we research and stay up-to-date with the current issues facing our leaders, and then provide this insight to thousands of intercessors through our regular email newsletters. Networking with the many prayer movements in Canada is one of our greatest joys as we see coordinated prayer being released through city-wide prayer movements, new Provincial Houses of Prayer, and emerging leaders
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North Bay HoP
North Bay HoP

Category: Prayer House
, Canada

The North Bay House of Prayer is committed to increasing agreement in our region with the plans and purposes of God. We would love to have you join us, whether to be actively involved, or to engage in a time of personal devotion.

We recently began the course "The Eternal Glory of an Intercessor" by Corey Russell. Whether you have been praying for decades are are just beginning this series will be a great encouragement. Consider joining us. It runs from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. each Tuesday prior to our Harp and Bowl. Click read more below for details
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Pegwatch Prayer Furnace
Pegwatch Prayer Furnace - Winnepeg, Canada

Category: Furnace
Director: Jonathan & Carolyn Mutch
Phone: 204-887-1573

861 Panet Rd.
Winnepeg, Canada R2K 1S3

Prayer and praise offered to the Lord for the city, province, Dominion, Israel and nations as well as for individual
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Prince George HoP
Prince George HoP - Prince George, Canada

Category: Prayer House

1395 - 5th Avenue
Prince George, Canada

Prince George House of Prayer, opened officially October 2, 2005. It was a 10 year birthing process.

This is a place, where we hope you can come and quiet yourself and develop a deeper intimacy with God.

During the day, music is played and in this setting you can take extra time to wait on God and to listen for His voice. So often, we are busy doing a lot, even very good things....but maybe not the things that are on Gods heart. It takes a quieting of ourselves, putting aside distractions, and waiting. Jesus was our example of this. He did only the things He saw the Father doing. He met with His heavenly Father, spent many hours in prayer, and from that intimate union where He heard His Fathers voice in His heart...He did those things each day that were revealed to Him by His Father in His prayer times.

God is wanting us to become like Jesus. If Jesus needed to spend much time with the Father, how much more do we. Jesus loved spending time with Him. So often we think praying as a chore...so far, so far from how it really is meant to be...enjoying a loving relationship...interacting and sharing our hearts together like close friends
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Quebec House Of Prayer
Quebec House Of Prayer - Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Brian & Tanya Allatt
Phone: 819 791-1840

45 Queen Street
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J1M-1J2

QUEBEC HOUSE OF PRAYER is a part of a worldwide movement that is calling people to come together in worship and prayer together before the Lord and to proclaim his Word back to him. We are a house of worship and intercession dedicated to praying for Quebec. We believe we are in a time unlike any other and a call is going out to every man, woman and child to seek the Lord for the place in which they live. We stand and extend the call to all others in this hour, to find themselves before Him with honesty and whole heartedness. We are thankful for all different kinds of prayer movemen
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Sanctuary House of Prayer
Sanctuary House of Prayer - Winnipeg, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Brian Creary

1229 Windermere Avenue
Winnipeg, Canada

We are a house of worship and intercession dedicated to praying for the city of Winnipeg and ministering to God as we seek to know what is on His heart and mind in this hour of history. It is our firm conviction that we are in a time unlike any other and a call is going out to every man, woman and child to seek the Lord for the place in which they live. We stand for our city and extend the call to all others in this hour to find themselves before Him with honesty and wholeheartednes
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Sarnia House of Prayer - Sarnia, Canada
Category: Prayer House Director: Allan and Nancy Menezes
Phone: 1-226-776-4080

Meets at: 202 Cobden St., Sarnia, ON Canada
Mail: 321 Ross Ave., Sarnia, ON
Sarnia, Canada N7T 1K1

Meets in the Ahavas Isaac Synagogue.
Weekly intercession sets Thursday 7-9 pm.
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Saskatchewan hOp
Saskatchewan hOp - Regina, SK, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Regina, SK, Canada

To see Saskatchewan covered with prayer to create an atmosphere for the habitation of the Glory of the Lord
A House of Prayer owned by the Church of Saskatchewan to pray for Government issues
Houses of Prayer connected throughout Saskatchewan

Call and position watchmen, intercessors and prayer leaders to the Provincial Gates:
To establish a House of Prayer as a presence in our provincial capital
Develop a central hub of communication connecting the province

To share the vision among leaders, churches, and prayer groups throughout Saskatchewan
To walk in relationship with the National House of Prayer in Ottawa
To raise ongoing support for the Saskatchewan House of Prayer and its operation
To purchase a house positioned in our capital city to pray for government
To work in relationship with a team of leaders across the province for wisdom and accountability

individuals to be ?houses of prayer? from a place of intimacy with Jesus
to carry a spirit of brokenness and humility, preferring one another
to walk as one body relating heart to heart
to gather to wait on the Lord and to hear and discern corporately
to lay down personal burdens, callings, opinions and agendas
to please the Lord by not initiating for Him and responding in obedience only when He speaks
to posture ourselves to listen and hear, realizing God can speak through anyone
to have the fear of the Lord and not fear of man, yet discerning the body and demonstrating love
to function as servant leaders
to take personal ownership of vision and mandate resulting in commitment and the spirit of givi
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Together Canada
Together Canada - Toronto, Canada

Category: Prayer House
Director: Richard Long
Phone: 613-824-4905
Toronto, Canada

Richard Long is the executive director of Together Canada. He lives in Ottawa with his wife Terry and their lovable dog ? Kyra. Richard was born in Malawi, the second of six children, and grew up in church manses around Ontario, since his dad was a Baptist pastor. He graduated from the University of Waterloo (history) and Central Baptist Seminary (theology) and has served in 4 congregations in southern Ontario over 23 years.
In 2001 his home congregation of Runnymede (Baptist) Community Church in Toronto, where they had served for almost 14 years, commissioned the Longs to full-time city transformation work in Canada under the banner of ?Together Ministries?. Later in 2006 they moved to Ottawa where for 5 years they served as Associate Directors at the newly established National House of Prayer
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Toronto House of Prayer
Toronto House of Prayer - Toronto, Canada

Category: Prayer House

50 Gervais Drive
Toronto, Canada M3C 1Z3

Toronto House of Prayer embraces day and night live worship and prayer, intimacy with God, and preparing End Time messengers as the foundation for all that we do.

We believe this generation is looking for ?something? to give their life fully to; something to die for. That something is at the core of everyone, and only ?onething? can satisify; it?s the knowledge of the Man Christ Jesus. We are calling for a generation who will live for one thing just as David wrote:

One thing I have desired of the Lord that one thing I will seek, that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

Our heart?s cry is to see a generation wholly given to God, a generation who will set themselves in worship, prayer and fasting for the second coming of our King. God is raising up a generation of messengers that embody His message. It is life in them, they carry it and they live it. They choose in this age to lay down their lives in prayer and fasting preparing the way for our Bridegroom King Jesus
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University of Manitoba - Luke18 Project - Winnipeg, Canada
Category: Luke18Project Email:
Phone: (204) 930-1626
Winnipeg, Canada

Contact: Phone
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University of Winnipeg - Luke18 Project - Winnipeg, Canada
Category: Luke18Project Email:
Winnipeg, Canada
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Worship and Prayer Barn
Worship and Prayer Barn - Rusagonis, NB, Canada

Category: Soaking Center
Director: Jerry OLeary
Rusagonis, NB, Canada

A worship and prayer centre offering worship and prayers every day of the week.
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